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GM COLOR is a well established dye concentrate and plastic additives manufacturer. Our products are sold to the most reputed and demanding customers. Our dyes and additives are available for sale in many European countries. We enjoy the reputation of a reliable supplier among the globally recognised manufacturers of plastic products. Be our next partner.

Professional approach

GM COLOR is operating based on the company culture and involvement on the part of all employees. We are careful in selecting our staff to make our endeavour towards your success effective. Our personnel use the latest solutions and improve their qualifications specifically to meet your expectations. We are attentive to the needs of our customers not only in selling the products. Our services are extended to after sale assistance and technical advice.

Company Profile

GM COLOR has been on the market for nearly a decade. Short production cycles ensure fulfilment of large orders. We devote much effort and finances to innovation in all our departments. Our achievements to date and commitment have made us a recognized vendor of components for plastic processing sector.


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Dye concentrates

 To a special individual orders

We supply dye concentrates to a special individual orders. The latest technology and modern laboratory ensues high repeatable quality of our products. We select colours as per received patterns or based on RAL, Pantone catalogues. Our products offer best quality based on western brand single pigment concentrates. We deliver dye concentrates with special effects – pearl, fluorescent, with glitter or flocculent additives. We ensure a wide range of colours, flexibility and quick fulfilment of orders; we are running a buffer warehouse for long-time customers. We offer free transport for orders above 25 kg.

All our products have approvals and declarations of conformity, ensuring safety of use.

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